Supporting you to bring more mindfulness, compassion, and emotional intelligence into your daily business interactions.

About Us

We’ve supported hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals to overcome their challenges, connect with their true purpose, and establish a new working culture based on mindfulness, compassion, and emotional intelligence. We help people adapt and respond to the complexity and challenges of our fast-moving time by empowering them to find more agile ways of doing business. By inspiring a culture of mindful, compassionate, and inclusive leadership, we aim to build a global community that is connected, loving and fair, that values diversity and authenticity, and that champions integrity and sustainability. Join our movement towards a more mindful and connected business today!

Who we are


Mounira brings 15+ years of leadership experience at international brands like Google, Red Bull, and BMW. Mounira was a pioneer of Google’s mindfulness community and its success led her to teach mindfulness and train teams at other companies around the world. Mounira is a member of the Mindful Leadership Institute, an internationally certified Search Inside Yourself trainer, and she gives mindfulness and compassion keynotes and trainings all over the world. Mounira’s own mindfulness practice gave her the tools to become a more effective leader: she is now passionate about empowering others to lead more meaningful, connected, and compassionate lives.

Angel is a full-blooded entrepreneur and international expert in co-creative project development. Over the last 10+ years, he has supported individuals, groups, and organizations to overcome their challenges and connect with their true values, purpose, and vision. As an expert in creating mindful cultures through co-creative processes, he helps startups, social entrepreneurs, and organizations to transform by using innovative learning organization models. At the heart of Angel’s work lies his ability to combine digital concepts with mindfulness practice. Angel’s application of high-performance strategies and his own mindfulness practice enable him to look beyond the surface of things, and his compassionate leadership style helps bring out the best in people.



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