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We help people bring more of themselves to work and their workplaces to life.
As our world continues its digital transformation, the way we work and do business is changing. We believe that mindfulness, compassion, and emotional intelligence are essential skills in today’s fast-moving business environment, helping us embrace new working cultures, embody more agile mindsets, and successfully respond to new-era work-life challenges. So if you want to unlock the huge potential within yourself and your company and meet the demands of today’s ever-changing workplace and world, join us to discover self-leadership skills for the digital age, develop authentic relationships across your organization, and cultivate a co-leadership culture that helps your team move from I to we together, transforming your company into a more mindful and connected business today.

Angel and Mounira have supported hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals to overcome their challenges and connect with their true purpose and values. As thought-leaders and pioneers of the mindfulness at work movement, their inspiring new vision for our working world empowers others to lead more mindful, connected, and compassionate lives.


Search Inside

Mindfulness and Compassion @Work

Our programs are delivered using two approaches. Originally developed at Google, Search Inside Yourself is a comprehensive self-leadership program that teaches attention and mindfulness training to build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership. Mindfulness and Compassion@Work is our approach that takes you on a journey from self-leadership to co-leadership. You’ll discover your true purpose before learning how to work more effectively with others and build a culture of creativity and co-leadership across your organization.

So whether you’re new to the topics of mindfulness and compassion at work or ready to make transformative changes across your organization, our programs are designed at a range of levels to suit your needs. Choose Inspiration if you’re just starting out on your mindfulness journey, Integration if you’re ready to go deeper, or Transformation if you’re ready to evolve your entire organizational culture.


Looking for inspiration? Contact us to book a keynote or mini-workshop to spark your mindfulness journey and discover its transformative effects on yourself and your team.


Ready to go deeper? Join a Search Inside Yourself or Mindfulness and Compassion @Work program to integrate mindfulness into your daily working life.


Contact us about our Search Inside Yourself and Mindfulness and Compassion @Work teacher training programs to transform your business from the inside out.

Our programs are delivered in-house OR as public training according to your own journey
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Want to see if mindfulness and compassion could work for you? This free online program guides you through 7 practical steps designed to bring more mindfulness and compassion into your daily working life. Our transformative tools will help you evolve into a more effective leader, enabling you to become the person you aspire to be at work and grow closer to the life you dream of.

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