Terms & Conditions

Scope of the Terms
  1. These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all supplies and services of Connected Business in connection with the sale and delivery of tickets (tickets) and occur in addition to the other terms and conditions (including house rules). In case of conflicting terms and conditions, these terms and conditions have priority.
  2. Contracting party of the buyer and thus user of these terms and conditions is “Connected Business” (hereinafter “Organizer”). This also applies to tickets sold by authorized ticket agencies.
2nd order, discounted tickets, validity

  1. The organizer does not enter into a contract for the benefit of a child up to the age of 7 years. Children and adolescents aged 8 to 17 years only have access to the event in the company of a person-dependent person or a person responsible for education. An educated person is any person over the age of 18 years, as long as she performs educational tasks on a permanent or temporary basis as a result of an agreement with the person entitled to custody or as far as she looks after a child or a young person within the framework of the training or youth welfare. Persons responsible for education Persons must have written proof of their assignment and, upon request, provide a copy of the identity card of the person entitled to custody.
  2. When purchasing tickets at the box office or at an authorized point of sale, the contract of sale with the organizer comes about by handing over the tickets.
  3. When placing an order in an online booking system of an authorized online ticket retailer, the offer to conclude a contract shall be deemed to have been made by the buyer as soon as he / she initiates a reservation of a ticket.
  4. The sending of tickets is at the risk of the buyer.
  5. The buyer is obliged to check the confirmation e-mail and the tickets immediately upon receipt for accuracy, in particular in terms of number, prices and date.
  6. Purchase of tickets over the Internet is limited to the number of tickets that the online shop displays as the maximum quantity for the respective event.
  7. Visiting an event with a discounted ticket is only possible if the reason for the reduction still exists at the time of the event and can be proved upon entry. Otherwise, there is a right to visit the event only if the buyer pays the difference between the reduced and the normal ticket price. If the buyer does not pay the difference at the request of the organizer, section 4.3 shall apply accordingly.
  8. The ticket entitles only the entitled holder to visit the venue once and loses its validity upon leaving the venue.
Shipping terms

Only the General Terms and Conditions of the authorized ticket office apply, via which customer acquires ticket (s).

Charges, terms of payment, late payments

Only the General Terms and Conditions of the authorized ticket office apply, through which customer acquires ticket (s).

Exclusion of rights of withdrawal and return in the case of purchase of tickets

Only the General Terms and Conditions of the authorized ticket office apply, via which customer acquires ticket (s).

Cancellation of events, allocation of other seats
  1. If an event is canceled for reasons for which the organizer is responsible, the purchaser will receive a refund of the face value of the ticket (excluding advance booking fees or the like levied by ticket vendors).
  2. The organizer further reserves the right to assign the purchaser a place other than that allocated to the ticket for the respective event, if it is not possible for the organizer for reasons for which it is not responsible (eg construction work) space allocated to the ticket and the substitute allocated seat is comparable. Otherwise, the organizer has to reimburse the difference to the price stated on the ticket.
  3. In addition, the organizer reserves the right to assign the cardholder another seat within the confirmed price category for other reasons.
  4. The organizer reserves the right to relocate the event locally and / or by appointment, as far as this is reasonable for the visitor and announced 1 week before the beginning of the event. Cancellations or changes will be announced by the organizer as soon as possible on its website. From this no claims of any kind can be deduced on the part of the festival visitor, unless the organizer acts grossly negligent or with intent.
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