A New Vision for Our Working World
Based on Mindfulness, Compassion, and Emotional Intelligence

Rapid change. Complexity. Digitalization.

Our working world has changed dramatically in the last 50 years. Yet many organizations struggle to adapt to the digital age, with its fast-paced connectivity and more demands on our time and attention than ever before. We believe that mindfulness, compassion, and emotional intelligence are essential skills in today’s business environment, helping us to embrace new working cultures, embody more agile mindsets, and respond to new-era work-life challenges. Our people-centered approach puts humans first, makes space for qualities such as kindness and compassion, and is built around 3 key factors fundamental to 21st-century business leadership.


3 Key Factors Fundamental to 21st-century Business Leadership


Before we can work effectively with others, it’s essential to understand and appreciate ourselves. Are we aware of our own strengths and weaknesses? Do we know what drives us? How can we best manage ourselves to bring out our full potential? Cultivating self-leadership skills and a culture of human- and heart-centeredness will be key to businesses of the digital age, which means developing a workforce that is aligned with their passion, finds purpose in their role, and is empowered to take positive actions within their own sphere of influence.


Thriving work environments depend upon authentic, trusting, and meaningful relationships between individuals, even in challenging circumstances. We help people gain the tools and insights they need to develop authentic relationships, practice compassion, and communicate their truth in the workplace. By connecting whole-heartedly with others from a space of empathy, freedom, and openness, we discover that even difficult decisions can be made easy when our actions are guided by mindfulness and compassion.


If you’re ready to harness the power of your whole team, we’ll show you how to develop a co-leadership culture that elicits each person’s full potential and build a purpose-driven organization that’s united around a shared vision and common values. The shift from I to We simply means considering what’s best for everyone involved: by promoting co-leadership and solution-oriented thinking, your team will become proactive leaders within their own sphere of influence and inspire a spirit of creativity, collaboration, and innovation across your organization.


Our innovative approach is structured around two core programs. For those new to the topics of mindfulness and compassion in business, we recommend starting with Search Inside Yourself: a comprehensive approach to self-leadership that teaches attention, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. When you’re ready to go further, the Mindful Business Approach dives deeper into self-leadership before showing you how to develop authentic relationships and cultivate a culture of creativity and co-leadership across your organization. 

our programs

Search inside yourself

Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence Leadership Training

A comprehensive program for self-leadership

Developed at Google and backed by the latest scientific research, Search Inside Yourself teaches attention and mindfulness to build the core emotional intelligence skills needed for effective leadership.

      • Helps professionals adapt to change
      • Supports management teams to evolve
      • Enables leaders to optimize their impact and influence


How is Search Inside Yourself delivered?

      • Inspiration: book us for a keynote or mini-workshop based on the Search Inside Yourself curriculum
      • Integration: attend a public Search Inside Yourself training or contact us to ask about in-house training at your organization
      • Transformation: take part in our Search Inside Yourself teacher training, in partnership with the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Mindful Business Approach

A Journey from Self-Leadership to Co-Leadership

Transferring the focus from I to We… together!

Discover your true purpose before learning how to work more effectively with others and build a culture of creativity and co-leadership across your organization.

      • Designed to support individuals and organizations
      • Brings mindfulness and compassion into your daily working life
      • Learn how to create a sustainable new working culture based on creativity, innovation, and collaboration

How is the Mindful Business Appraoch delivered?

      • Inspiration: book us for a keynote or mini-workshop based on the Mindful Business Approach curriculum
      • Integration: attend a public Mindful Business Approach training or contact us to ask about in-house training at your organization
      • Transformation: take part in our teacher training to become an ambassador for mindfulness at your company and teach the approach to others
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