Mindfulness and Compassion @Work

A 2.5-day experience designed to connect people to their authentic path

Do you feel disconnected and disorganized by the challenge of navigating today’s complex business environment? Do you want to feel energised as a leader instead of exhausted by the fight to keep up and compete?

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or leader in a working environment it’s likely what’s needed is a rewiring of the connections between yourself, your company and the people within it.

We want to share the remarkable approach that has helped us and countless others achieve our goals, unleash our true potential, and infuse mindfulness and compassion into all areas of our working life.

SELF-Leadership TO CO-Leadership

With our Mindfulness and Compassion @Work training, we guide you through seven distinct areas to gain the skills, tools and understanding you need to navigate the complexities of this 4th industrial revolution.

In this 2.5-day training seminar, you will learn how to empower yourself and others, create personal and professional routines to align with your ultimate goals, and engender a culture of camaraderie in any endeavor you undertake.

"The Mindfulness and Compassion @Work training gave me the chance to get a better understanding of myself as an individual and leader. I strongly believe we are all leaders in a certain way and that leading is about creating movement, growth and finally impact – together. The question is just how do we do this, what kind of environment do we need to create so that people can grow and show up in their best expression, in their role and as the authentic human being? This training did not just give me tools and many insights to these questions, it is a wonderful reminder to what matters, a platform to explore, a gift to yourself, for everyone that cares about her/himself and others in a world driven by often blind efficiency, unhealthy performance tracking and speed that doesn’t last long. Thank you Mounira and Angel for being our pioneers and leaders in creating this task force of us change makers and enable us to leverage what we believe in!"
Kristin MitschkeExperience Design Lead at BCG Digital Ventures
"In this workshop I understood dependencies in my company which I hadn’t seen before. In this way, I was able to integrate potentials of my team and create a culture of connectivity, which has led us to new paths of innovation that contribute to the sustainable growth of my company."
Jan UlmerCEO, Education Visionaires GmbH
"Mindfulness and Compassion @Work - everything was just perfect! The seven steps around purpose, self-awareness and communication were methodically very well thought through and built on each other. Mindfulness exercises and methods like journaling or the talking circle alternated with meditation units and impulses. Mounira and Angel were there with heart and soul and harmonized very well. The crowning conclusion was the co-creative approach - a fascinating alternative to classical project management. At the end of the training my heart was filled as well as the method tool box and the journey to myself led to new insights!"
Barbara NuhnLeading Position at QSC
"What my own mindful and compassionate handling of positive effects for my private and professional environment brings is the biggest take away I was allowed to take from my days with Angel and Mounira. Working out my purpose of being and the meaning of my goals cognitively and emotionally has a lasting and valuable influence on my life strategy and is my daily motivator. I am very grateful for this and am far more open and stable in the face of many change processes and daily challenges."
Sandra DietrichSales Consultant at SIEVERS-GROUP
    the 7 steps

    Go deeper in your quest to life imporevent with 7 practical steps

    As the world continues its evolution towards a digitized environment, businesses across all industries have experienced an exponential rise in new ways to connect to the world around them, cater to the needs of their clients and provide more services and resources than ever before. But with these new opportunities come new challenges – the way in which people relate to one another is completely changing, and that change has introduced the need for a new understanding of how to connect and communicate.

    Our understanding of the people we work with, do business with and relate to personally depends how deeply we understand our own complex inner workings. Together we’ll examine the core of what it means to connect to ourselves and others and learn how to implement this meaningful knowledge to help you walk your own authentic path. The brightness of your company’s future depends on its ability to connect agiley and help your people unveil their truest potential.

    Step 1 - Overview of Mindfulness and Compassion @Work

    In this first step we’ll give you an understanding of how mindfulness fits into the context of work. This stage will lay the groundwork by providing scientific knowledge, practical tools and best practices for mindful business.

    Step 2 - Uncover your passion and purpose

    The wellness of a work environment is firmly dependent upon the sense of purpose, direction, and meaningful interaction of its participants. In this step, we will help you to discover your strengths, values, passion, and vision in order to facilitate your ability to navigate towards happiness – both in the workplace and in life.

    Step 3 - Find your personal practice

    In this step we will give you an overview of the variety of mindfulness methods and support you in finding or deepening the ones that resonate with you and those around you as you seek to connect and reconnect.

    Step 4 - Design your life strategy

    In this step you will learn the tools to make your passion and purpose a reality. Here you will master the art of planning and developing regular practices to implement in your everyday work and personal life, and create purposeful routines and action plans to bring your goals to fruition.

    Step 5 - Learn authentic communication

    It’s no secret that every workplace and working relationship requires good communication, however many people lack an understanding of what this actually looks like. We’ll explore methods of communication for different personality types, allowing you to find your voice and communicate clearly and effectively.

    Step 6 - Compassion, the key to success

    Compassion is a concept that has been long neglected in the traditional workplace. In this step, we’ll learn what it means to transfer the focus from “I” to “We”, thereby employing an atmosphere of compassion and trust that benefits the whole group as individuals and a team.

    Step 7 - Working in a co-creative way

    The most productive, effective and fulfilling workplace is one in which all individuals are able to contribute their strengths in a meaningful way. In this step you will learn how to work with your team in a way that inspires, motivates and elicits each individual’s greatest possible potential. You will be able to create a climate of creativity that translates positively into solutions.

    Results from our program
    Pre-Program 53%
    Post-Program 71%
    Participants reported a greater ability to focus and optimize their mental state.
    Pre-Program 52%
    Post-Program 68%
    Participants reported greater resilience and mental readiness to meet daily challenges.
    Pre-Program 41%
    Post-Program 60%
    Participants reported increased ability to maintain calm and poise in challenging situations.
    Pre-Program 53%
    Post-Program 35%
    Participants reported reduced levels of stress after our program.
    In this workshop we will also cover concepts like emotional intelligence, intuition in leadership, and others that will strengthen your confidence and bring you one step closer to living your best life in the workplace.


    You’ll gain the tools, resources, and understanding you need to help support those around you in the context of your business, and to promote an agile working culture that responds well and positively to new challenges.

    In this training, we combine a series of mindfulness techniques and group working sessions to help you learn and understand new concepts and put them to work in a training environment. In this way you will return home confident in your new skill-set and ready to bring your renewed understanding to your teams. You’ll be ready to implement the action plans and routines you need to meet your own goals and facilitate your own success and the success of others.

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