Self-Leadership Retreat

A 7-day quest to discover your authentic path

Join this unique self-leadership retreat to uncover your “golden thread”, your true passion and purpose, and start living from a place of heart-centred authenticity.

5-12 June 2021 | IN ENGLISH


Cultivating self-leadership and finding our true passion, purpose, and path in life can be a real challenge, especially in today’s rapidly changing world. As life evolves quickly around us, it’s easy to feel stuck in the same place or overwhelmed by the seemingly endless choices available. Many times we do not know how to handle strong emotions, anxiety, or the need for more rest. Often, we know what we want from life but don’t know how to get there: unsure of which steps to take next or the right questions to ask ourselves. This unique retreat is designed to support your quest towards authentic self-leadership: you’ll get clear on what matters to you most, find out what’s holding you back, and embark on a deep and joyful journey to discover who you really are.

“When you allow your purpose to lead you, you have a leadership that is stronger than any situation.”

- Mounira Latrache


Discover what you really want in life… and then go get it!

Using different techniques from mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, as well as coaching, self-inquiry tools, and emotional and body awareness methods, this retreat will unlock your inner wisdom, reignite your intuition and capacity for self-leadership, and explore your personal superpowers to help you find out what makes your heart truly shine. You’ll also benefit from some much-needed “you time”: a space to unwind, take care of your needs, and spend time doing what relaxes and nurtures you most. This is a rare opportunity to go deeply within and listen to your inner voice. You’ll go home with answers to some important life questions, an effective toolkit to help realize your dreams, and uncover the golden thread that runs through your life and will help you navigate even stormy weather.


  • 5-12 June 2021
  • TBC
  • Number of Spaces Available: 18


Discover what authentic self-leadership truly means to you. Together, we’ll use a combination of cognitive and intuitive tools, reflective practices, and self-inquiry methods to access your innate wisdom and unlock your inner knowing. You’ll experience mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, emotional and body awareness methods, coaching techniques, group exercises, ceremonies and more. The retreat is organised in a highly flexible and intuitive way, offering you bespoke tools and powerful action plans that allow you to realize your dreams and bring your aspirations to life.



This transformative self-leadership retreat will help you discover what makes you come alive and how to grow closer to the life you long for. You’ll learn to view any obstacle on your path not as a hindrance but an opportunity for growth. Together, we’ll dive deeply into the following 7 areas:

What are your superpowers?
What is most meaningful for you?
What makes your heart shine?
Why are you here?
Fears & Limitations
What's holding you back?
Who are you truly?
What are your next steps?
Who do you want to be?


This retreat is for anyone wishing to align with their true passion and purpose and bring more joy and meaning into their life. 

Dieses Retreat ist für dich, wenn du:

      • connect to your inner compass, rediscover your direction, and start navigating towards the life you’ve always wanted
      • bring your life and career to a place that feels more authentic and true to you
      • rest, recalibrate, and enjoy some much-needed “you time” 
      • become an effective changemaker who transforms the way we work and do business and who leads with compassion and inspiration
      • rekindle the flame in your heart so you can shine brightly in the world and let go of old patterns and limitations


Details of our retreat location and accommodation coming soon!


Mounira Latrache: Mounira brings 15+ years of leadership experience at international brands like Google, Red Bull, and BMW. Mounira was a pioneer of Google’s mindfulness community and its success led her to teach mindfulness at other companies around the world. Mounira’s own quest to uncover her passion and purpose was quite a painful journey, which is why she’s so passionate about helping others to find their path. Her new book, Find Your Passion and Purpose, describes her journey and shares some of the practices we’ll explore on this retreat.

Angel Hernandez: Angel is an international expert in co-creative project development and an experienced teacher of Search Inside Yourself: an approach to mindfulness and emotional intelligence that was originally developed at Google. Over the last 10+ years, he has supported individuals, groups, and organizations to overcome their challenges and connect with their true values, passion, and purpose. Angel’s own mindfulness practice enables him to look beyond the surface of things and his inclusive and compassionate leadership style brings out the best in people.

Sophie Weiser: Sophie is a certified Search Inside Yourself and Connected Business trainer, a yoga and meditation teacher, and a mindfulness coach. Sophie’s search for her passion and purpose began after she graduated from high school: her path took her to far-away lands and the daily hustle of the business world. Eventually, she tried the opposite approach, and instead of looking outwards she turned within to discover the gems that had been waiting for her all along.



Wir helfen Menschen herauszufinden, was für sie funktioniert und unterstützen sie dabei, ihre eigenen Ansätze für Arbeit und Privatleben zu entwickeln.


Wir wollen authentisch wir selbst sein: Für uns bedeutet das, unsere Stärken zu leben und unsere Schwächen willkommen zu heißen.


Wir haben uns einem Weg kontinuierlichen Lernens und Wachsens verschrieben und wir teilen unsere Einsichten und Erfahrungen durch unsere Arbeit mit dir.


Wir schätzen offene Herzen und offenen Verstand und erforschen Räume, in denen beides frei sein und aufblühen kann.


Wir feiern Diversität und respektieren die einzigartige Individualität jedes Menschen.


Wir verfolgen mit unserer Arbeit einen höheren Zweck: mehr Frieden in eine turbulente Welt und mehr Helligkeit und Sinn ins Leben zu bringen.


In Zen we practice something called “beginner’s mind”, which refers to an attitude of openness, eagerness, and a lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, just as a beginner would. This retreat is open to anyone willing to dive deeply into themselves, and no previous experience is necessary. We simply invite you to bring your beginner’s mind!

Each one of us has a unique purpose in life. When we discover it, life ceases to be a struggle as even potential obstacles can be transformed into welcome challenges or nuggets of gold, there only to show us new opportunities for growth.

We highly value time and space for self-reflection and integration, so the answer is YES! Since this retreat takes place at a beautiful location, you’ll be encouraged to really connect with the surrounding nature and let yourself be nurtured by the elements.

Our retreat program is designed to let the different experiences sink into each cell of your body so you can deeply integrate and embody them. We’ll work on questioning old belief patterns, reprogramming your system, and going for your heart’s truest calling. You’ll leave with answers to some important life questions, gain support and inspiration from other people in the group, and receive practical tools and insights so that you can start making your dreams a reality.

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We’ve helped thousands of people discover their true passion and purpose and find their authentic path. As thought-leaders and pioneers of the mindfulness movement, we aim to bring more peace into a turbulent world, more heart into work, and more brightness and meaning into life. We all have a unique purpose in life: join us to discover yours!

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