Mindfulness and Compassion @Work

A Free webinar series guiding you ON A TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY from
Self-LeaderShip to Co-LeaderShip

    • Have you heard the term ‘mindfulness’ but aren’t sure what it means?
    • Are you looking for ways to connect with your colleagues more effectively?
    • Do you want to foster creativity and innovation at work and reduce tension and stress?

This free webinar series offers a taste of our signature 7-step program, designed to bring mindfulness and compassion into your daily working life. You’ll learn how to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world, cultivate an agile and purpose-driven mindset, and grow closer to the life you aspire to.

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What YOU'll Learn

As our world continues to evolve towards the 4th industrial revolution, new skills and behaviours are needed to adapt to challenges such as automation, digitalization, and complexity. This free webinar series guides you through 7 steps that help you look deep within yourself, create a personal life strategy, and devise powerful action steps that align with your vision for your personal and professional life.

Over the coming weeks, each webinar will introduce you to one of our 7 steps: you can join them all or simply pick the ones you’d most like to explore.


Step 1 - Introducing Mindfulness and Compassion @Work

Combining practical tools, scientific background, and best practices, our first step introduces you to the topics of mindfulness and compassion at work and explores how they fit into your own context. 

Step 2 - Uncover your passion and purpose

Next we’ll discover what drives you, igniting your full potential for creativity and innovation and moving towards a more connected personal and professional life.

Step 3 - Develop your personal practice

Gain an overview of different mindfulness methods and techniques: discover what works best for you and develop a personal practice that deepens your connection with yourself and others.

Step 4 - Design your life strategy

It’s time to master the art of planning! We’ll develop a comprehensive plan of powerful routines and practical action steps that help you accomplish your long-term work-life goals. 

Step 5 - Communicate authentically

Discover communication methods that help you find your authentic voice. Learn to communicate with clarity, presence, and empathy so that you can maintain positive working relationships even when communicating sensitive or difficult information.

Step 6 - Practice compassion

How can we build authentic and meaningful relationships at work? In this step we begin to transfer the focus from “I” to “We”, learning how to cultivate a culture of connection and compassion throughout your whole organization.

Step 7 - Work in a co-creative way

We finish our journey by combining all previous steps into practical solutions for effective co-leadership. Learn how to inspire and motivate your team to elicit each person’s potential and co-create dynamic solutions for your organization.


Mounira Latrache brings 15+ years of leadership experience at international brands like Google, Red Bull, and BMW. Mounira pioneered the mindfulness community at Google; its success led her to share her expertise with other companies and she has trained teams around the globe. As an international thought-leader, Mounira is also sought around the world for her keynotes and trainings on mindfulness and compassion.

Angel Hernandez is a full-blooded entrepreneur and international expert in co-creative project development. Over the last decade he has supported individuals, groups, and organizations to connect with their true purpose and develop innovative strategies to overcome their challenges. Combining learning organization models with mindfulness practice forms the heart of Angel’s work.

About Connected Business

We help individuals and organizations bring mindfulness and compassion into their daily business interactions. By inspiring a culture of mindful and inclusive leadership, we aim to build a connected, sustainable, fair, loving and diverse community of people passionate about their work. Join our global movement towards connected business today!

What experts say
about Connected Business

“My biggest takeaway was the insights offered on what really motivates me in my private and professional life, and which changes I have to make in order to do more of what I love.”

Kristine Zeller

Head of Buying Womens Accessories, Zalando SE

“I understood dependencies in my company, which I haven’t seen before. In this way, I was able to integrate potentials of my team, and create a culture of connectivity, which leads us to new paths of innovation.”

Jan Ulmer

CEO, Education Visionaires GmbH

“The instructors provided very professional and impressive tools to connect on a human level. I experienced exercises resembling real-life cases that gave me a better understanding of people and processes.”

Thomas Kniesel

COO, AMK Automotive GmbH & Co. KG


You want to see if mindfulness and compassion could work for you? This free online program guides you through 7 practical steps designed to bring more mindfulness and compassion into your daily working life. Our transformative tools will help you evolve into a more effective leader, enabling you to become the person you aspire to be at work and grow closer to the life you dream of.

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